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Deadline for registration of the diaspora to vote

The deadline for the Diaspora to vote in the upcoming elections expires in three days … about half of the required votes have been registered so far.

Appeal to the diaspora, step on these three days and don’t think. As never before in a historical context, we have not had a chance to take our homeland into our own hands.

Don’t be fooled by the sds satellites that boycott is the solution. When there is no census … the boycott is superfluous and pointless. The SDS remains in power … I think this should be clear to every smart Macedonian. Remember the boycott of the 1994 elections? when the SDS remained alone in government for 4 years until 1998 and when the biggest betrayals happened until then for the Macedonian.

Now only a large turnout pushes the SDS out of power and only a vote for INTEGR – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY … everything else will be missed. DP * will NOT return the name, they will concrete it forever. The only political force that has the power, knowledge, skills, abilities and plan … but, and which has international affirmation and will know how to negotiate the positions of the Macedonian national strategic interest, we are from INTEGRA. Do not doubt this.

Give your signature so that we have MPs from the diaspora … get up, your vote tomorrow may be decisive for the fate of the homeland. Get up and register.

This is our cry for your … don’t miss this unique chance … because tomorrow no one in your homeland will believe that you love her, and you didn’t want to do anything for her or a gesture of goodwill to give birth to a new political vision, a new pro-Macedonian, autochthonous, original, primordial Macedonian one.

Understand that the decision is in our hands … don’t trust anyone who speaks differently to you, that I don’t know who would have brought you all the power that suits them … IT’S NOT POSSIBLE.

Macedonians themselves will decide in this election what kind of government they want.


Let every true Macedonian blow this up to the hundreds of thousands of Macedonians around the world … and let’s bring victory to the Macedonian in Macedonia.



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