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Statement for the Albanian Extremism of the Vice Premier in the Government of SDSM

On the occasion of the shameless and provocative statement of the Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, that if the law on the use of the Albanian language is annulled, the balance reached by the Ohrid Framework Agreement will be violated in the Republic of Macedonia and the country will be able to , INTEGRA – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY reacts most strongly and condemns such a statement which is a blackmail of the legal order and a direct threat to the security and stability of the Republic of Macedonia.

INTEGRA reminds the Prime Minister that he has given written guarantees when receiving the mandate that he is committed to not changing the Constitution, the name of the Republic of Macedonia, the unitary character of the state and not accepting the Tirana platform. From here, INTEGRA asks Prime Minister Zaev not to change the statements about the remarks of the Venice Commission on a daily basis. We demand that the remarks be accepted and implemented, and that Osmani be asked for an irrevocable resignation.

INTEGRA asks what kind of balance Osmani is talking about when, according to the data of the Ministry of Interior for issued citizenships, the Albanian community is represented by 16.4% of the total population, and the Albanian language should be official on the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia ?! Where is the balance with the study and speaking of the Macedonian language, the balance with the Macedonian flags in the settlements with the predominantly Albanian population, in the party premises and at their press conferences ?!

In this regard, INTEGRA calls on President Stevo Pendarovski to take such threats and blackmail seriously and to be an occasion to convene a meeting of the National Security Council.

INTEGRA on this occasion wants to point out that the Republic of Macedonia is a unitary, national state of the Macedonian people and other ethnic communities living in it.



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