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On the occasion of the scandalous way of creating a two-thirds majority for the adoption of the Law on Public Prosecution, INTEGR – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY warns that the conduct of public opinion is a serious matter before the law, at a speed without harmonization. and in general in the legal system with pro-lucrative intentions.

The manner in which a majority in the Assembly was secured to pass a “non-permanent” Law on Public Prosecution by applying the practice of pressure, threats and blackmail is scandalous and goes directly to the detriment of the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

The concrete proposal of the legal solution will cause serious consequences regarding the non-punishment of persons from the top of the current, but also of the previous government involved in incriminated acts for which there are audio recordings in the wiretapped conversations; It creates an unnatural situation of amnesty from the crime of persons for whom the SPO in a suspicious manner did not want, should not or did not manage to file charges, and refers to persons established in high positions in the government.

INTEGRA also raises the question of the deportation of over 20,000 eavesdropped citizens, as there are constitutional guarantees for the protection of human rights and freedoms that have been violated and violated by illegal eavesdropping.

INTEGRA estimates that the only way for the rule of law and substantial independence of the judiciary is to introduce a non-partisan, politically independent and free of any constraints on the part of the government – the Minister of Justice. It is time to free the judicial and judicial prosecutorial system from the interference of politics, from the “meninge of the parties and the government”, with material evidence of the existence of political will, and this is by applying this concept proposed by INTEGRA – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATORY.

For these reasons, INTEGRA calls on MPs to dare to reject the imposed yoke from the executive branch and to return the Law on Public Prosecution to completion, in accordance with the principles of legality and punishment of committed crime, which must take into account the opinion of the professional public, not the political elites who are doing everything to avoid punishment for what has been done in recent years.



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