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Public call to the nation

INTEGRATION – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY sends a public call to every well-meaning, honest and honest Macedonian to join the processes initiated and led by the leadership team with the new political vision of the 21st century for the new Macedonian renaissance.

The party opens its doors to anyone who appreciates that it has personal potential, sufficient intellectual capacity, but also courage and boldness to catch up with the challenges facing the homeland of Macedonia and our Macedonian people.

We invite you to enter into a partnership with INTEGRA – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY, so that together with each of you – individually in full leadership capacity, we can become an added value in the mosaic of the whole Macedonian national interest – higher, with the ultimate a prosperous state and a modern nation that will steadily, proudly and with dignity walk side by side with the most advanced nations and states in the world.

The required criteria for joining the leadership teams of INTEGRA and possibly the parliamentary lists in the upcoming parliamentary elections 2020, are the following:
– Recognition, as moral pillars, in their animals and work environments,
– Sincere national-patriotic, pro-Macedonian feelings, as well as commitment by every human soul that accepts Macedonia as its homeland and was born, steps and creates with all its heart, soul, strength and reason, on this piece of holy Macedonian land, regardless of their ethnicity or religion,
– Proven in their field of expertise,
– Criminal unconvicted or not subject to criminal proceedings, ie. not to conflict with the law and
– Acceptance of value principles and principles of virtue and integrity in politics, from the program platform of INTEGRA – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY, as well as the conservative value – libertarian doctrine of ideology, by signing.

All interested to send a resume with a picture and a short letter for the purposes of the following e-mail: leadership@integra.org.mk, to fill out the digital survey and the on-line access to the website of INTEGRA:

The public call is valid for two weeks, as of January 31, 2020.





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