ANNOUNCEMENT about the foolishness of the SDSSM government

As they shake new scandals of corruption and nepotism, now supplemented by
diplomatic glut of epic proportions, the government continues its “northern” policy,
pledging the national dignity of the Macedonian people. The legitimacy of
The Macedonian people have long been lost, and the only thing left is their affection for
the international community. Hence, efforts to intensify the implementation of
The Prespa Lakes Treaty, as the only investment that can make this set of idle and high
corruption, to hold on to power.

INTEGRA-MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY at the heart of its Programmatic Platform in relation to the Treaty of Nivitsi has a clear view on the harmfulness of parts of its content, that it does not offer appropriate solutions and is a source of prolonged conflict. Such
the situation is in sight with the apparent insistence of the ruling parties to fulfill that too
which they did not promise. We ask the government, as acts for internal use, to change themselves
provided for an administrative period of 5 years from the opening of the relevant membership chapters
in the EU, they are growing rapidly? Clowning goes so far that they break
appropriate procedures, such as in the case of issuing school certificates or change
of university stamps with new name “northern” before statutory changes with new name
to be adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia?

INTEGRAT-MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY also notes lack of more serious
reactions to the orchestrated accelerated national disinformation of the Macedonian people, on
the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, which reaffirms their complicity in such

The key question is how long the international community will support such sets and
political elites who, for their inability to seek alibi in Western democracies. Until when
displacements of the type of “unintentional” error in the performance of the anthem shall be tolerated, or
one-year phone calls on sensitive international issues with a group of
daily EXCELLENCE to heaven is not enough and it is time to leave this garnish,
forming an inter-party government and calling for new elections.

Skopje, July 9, 2019