Announcement of the 2019 presidential election


INTEGRA – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY views presidential elections as a serious step backwards in the functioning of the political system.

At the same time, we believe that the course of the election is a serious alarm for the need for urgent and urgent fundamental reform of the political system in order to change the electoral model and overall electoral legislation for the following reasons:

– the flagrant intrusion by abusing the right to vote by filling ballot boxes in predominantly Albanian populated areas with simultaneous group voting, which is a classical abuse of the citizen’s right to vote;
– the flagrant incursion into a series of areas with predominantly Macedonian population, with ballot box stuffing;
– Classic spin by pumping out turnout percentages, by the SEC, thus applying the Aesch experiment in order to pressure the electorate to achieve censorship; and
– The SDSM, with the broomstick message, actually ordered its well-established officials in all echelons to work in the institutions and administration, under pressure and threats to force employees to vote.

All this shows that the electoral process has gone through huge irregularities, which is a reasonable suspicion that organized abuse of the electoral process has occurred.

By doing the electoral engineering in which VMRO worked for SDSM providing censorship, it can be concluded that there is an agreement between these two parties that for three decades create a black and white picture in Macedonia. We will see very soon what SDSM will deliver to VMRO – DPMNE for the delivered censorship. Also, very soon we will see the invoice of SDSM to DUI, Alliance and Besa for the work done between the two rounds.

It is for these reasons that the INTEGRATIVE MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY proposes the establishment of an independent commission, with the involvement of national and international experts in the field, to investigate all phases of both rounds of the electoral process.

INTEGRAT-MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY appreciates that Macedonia must begin with fingerprint voting, with fingerprint reading apparatus and related software in a strictly centralized state database in the SEC and elsewhere.

Skopje, May 06, 2019