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Current Videos

The speech that marked 2019

Ljupco Ristovski in ``Samo Vistina``

Live speech of the president of INTEGRA for the current events in Macedonia

Anthem - Majko Makedonijo



INTEGRA promotes, and with all available constitutional and legal mechanisms, guarantees the national sovereignty, integrity and independence of Macedonia, as well as the unitary character of the state. The statehood of the Macedonian nation must not be called into question by any political decision, law or constitutional amendment.

INTEGRA Coat of arms

The coat of arms is a designer stylized replica of the Paeonian coin *. The Eightfold Sun is a stylized representation of Ezekiel’s Throne 10: 9-14 (Bible, Old Testament), describing the four-wheeled cherubs and one in the midst of all four. One of the faces of the cherubim is a lion. The lion and the sun are traditional Macedonian symbols.

General Provisions

One of the biggest challenges of modern political reality is to build a consistent political platform, which will be consistent in ideological context, have enough potential to meet the challenges of the current political moment and at the same time be visionary in terms of opening prospects for prosperity. nation and state.

No success is complete or sustainable in the long run unless it is based on value, virtue and integrity. Only value-based societies have the inner potential for progress and prosperity.


The main goal of any government is the security and safety of its citizens. The strategic priority will be to build strong defense and security forces that will guarantee national security and internal security.

INTEGRA aims to create a security system that will be functional, efficient, effective, professional, focused on the needs and interests of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, and at the same time free and independent of the constraints of the ruling parties.


Our Vision

The vision of INTEGRA - Macedonian Conservative Party is to build a society that will enable systematic production of happy and satisfied citizens from what has been achieved in their lives.



Str. Dame Gruev 16-3 / 1
DTC Paloma Bianca
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Tel: +389 02 3155020 | +389 02 3110885 | +389 70 755 215
Working hours: 09AM – 5PM
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