Integra Statut




Article 1
INTEGRA – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY, abbreviated INTEGRA, (hereinafter INTEGRA) is a political party operating on the territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, in accordance with the Program, the Statute and other general acts of the Party adult citizens.
The name for the international English translation correspondence is:

Article 2
INTEGRA has party attributes and party symbols.
Party attributes are:
• The territory in which the party operates;
* (All over the territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia)
• Party members;
* (Explained in Article 8 of this Statute and their rights and obligations under Articles 10 and 11 of this Statute).
• Party authorities
* (Listed and defined in Article 14 of this Statute)
Party symbols are:
• Party flag
• Coat of arms of the party
• Party anthem

– Party flag

* A rectangular shape in two colors of cream and bordeaux red depicts a person who symbolizes the individual, with a focused gaze on the Day Star, as a symbol of each individual’s timeless need for freedom and the birth of something new.

– Coat of Arms of the Party

The coat of arms is a design stylized replica of the Paionian coin *. The Eighth Sun is a stylized representation of the Throne of the Lord from Ezekiel 10: 9-14 (Bible, Old Testament), which describes the cherubim with four wheels and one in the middle as if in all four. One of the faces of the cherubs is a lion. The lion and the sun are traditional Macedonian symbols.

* Bronze Paion coin (278-250 BC during the reign of Leon) from the NBRM’s numismatic collection – Stylish lion head and body, stylishly designed, rounded to the sun in round shape, transformed into contemporary graphic design solution.

– Party anthem: Mother of Macedonia

Article 3
The party is based in Skopje on 101 Jablanica Street.

Article 4
INTEGRA has a circular stamp with Cyrillic letters read “INTEGRA – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY – Skopje”.
Party circles have circular prints written in Cyrillic alphabet. In addition to the writ referred to in paragraph (1) of this Article, the Cyrillic alphabet shall state the name of the party authority and its seat.

Article 5
INTEGRA represents the President of the party –
Dr. Ljupco Ristovski with Address: Jablanica 101 A – EMBG 0206966450042 issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia.

Article 5a
The persons responsible for the material and financial operation of the party are:
– General Secretary Zoran Risteski EMBG 2411980450179, with address: Blvd Jane Sandanski 37 / 2-7, Skopje.
Article 6
The program vision and policy goals of INTEGRA are:- Macedonia – in the zone of so called “Full” democracy,- Macedonia – in the circle of prosperous nations,- Macedonia – with a double standard of living for two election cycles,- Macedonia – a society of happy and satisfied citizens.INTEGRA – The Macedonian Conservative Party has set the following 9 (nine) goals as part of the Macedonian Nation and State Regeneration Project, the new political vision “METANOJA”:
1. The individual at the top of the social ladder, let the whole political system pulsate on her behalf and on her behalf. But also the appropriate treatment of each person according to his abilities and abilities.
2. Putting the state and the political establishment in “stealth mode”
(invisible to the public) and to the political elites to bring down the halo of “stars”.
3. Rapidly regenerate the economy by targeting prosperity components: material wealth and the creation of new added value through high stages of product finalization and new technological solutions, expressed through strong GDP growth and sustainable development, then health and education; focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, full energy independence, revitalization of the Macedonian village, investment boom in tourism (free spa zones, health tourism zones, ethno-villas zones, modern quarters for the elderly,); project BILLION for the return of several billion dollars raised to various destinations over the past 27 years, the establishment of a Macedonian Investment Fund (MAIN – Macedonian Investments) and the reinvestment of refunds, first in vouchers for all adults over 18 years of age up to a third of the project’s revenue (apology to the nation for criminal privatization and the endless transition to a “people-to-people” model); second, capital investment transformation, following the model of private-public partnership in mega-equity funds (fast rail, hydropower, solar reserves, wind farms, high-speed gasification, infrastructure connectivity to key city centers in Macedonia, new technological and anti-pollution solutions technological production solutions), as well as the transformation of subsidies into mini equity funds for private-public partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises, and especially in the agro-business sector sale of food products (including organic) and beverages, in order to revitalize the Macedonian village and diversify the
development, up to one third of the project revenue generated; and third, the support of the Pension Fund and the Health Fund, with the aim of financial consolidation and preparation for market liberalization in these sectors for entry into private health insurance and pension funds and organizations.
4. Innovative reform of the health system, with an emphasis on prevention, which will imply the creation of a favorable environment necessary for maintaining a healthy life and preserving the health of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. Complete reorganization of primary, secondary and tertiary health care and introduction of competition in the area of ​​financing by providing private health insurance funds will follow.
5. Reform of the education system, with the aim of creating quality youth, promoting curricula and curricula in line with European and world standards, continuous promotion and professional development of teachers and restoring their dignity, stimulating and scholarship to talented students and students; promotion of scientific and research activity for the purpose of creating highly concentrated knowledge necessary for effective technological development and innovation.
6. New Foreign Policy Doctrine – Countervail Alliance and Power Enhancement Goals, hence re-posting the basics of the new agreement with the Republic of Greece, resetting the whole process by introducing a new critical antivirus program points of tissue pain, opening up new perspectives by stepping into bilateral defense-security relations with the most powerful states in the western prosperous hemisphere (US, UK, Israel and others).
7. Innovation in the legal system and introduction of new models and mechanisms, with the aim of gradually injecting institutes and mechanisms towards a gradual transition from retributive justice (the Old Testament model: eye to eye – tooth to tooth) to restitution and restorative justice .
8. Self-sacrificing and self-sacrificing action in the process of rebuilding the Macedonian national unity.
9. Repostulate the value foundations of the social order, with inputs into moral-value political socialization, moral harmonization of legislation, and morally virtuous regeneration of the bloodstream of the institutions of the political system (the human factor) by criteria of the value corpus and integrity).
Article 7
The work of INTEGRA is public.
The way INTEGRA operates is through the work of the party organs, by holding public meetings, by cooperating with the electronic and print media, and by other means in accordance with the law.
Congress is the supreme body of the party and Congress decisions and guidelines are mandatory for all party instances.
Article 8
INTEGRA will practice intra-party democracy under a secret ballot model with at least three candidates running for one seat on the electoral roll, whether it be congressional delegates, election of members of the Central Committee, election of members of the Presidency, election of candidates for Members of Parliament. lists and lists of municipal elections in the Municipal Councils.
The selection criteria are: practice of values, virtue and integrity in living and working environments, confirmed moral-ethical qualities, uncompromising, as well as reputation and authority in their environments and areas of activity.INTEGRATION MEMBERSHIP, RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONSArticle 9
Any adult who is not a member of another political party, registered in the Republic, can join INTEGRA.
INTEGRATION by decision of the competent authority of the party may also have honorary members, who may also be members of another political party.
An honorable member may be selected who has made a significant contribution to the implementation of the programme’s commitments and INTEGRA work.Article 10
The member of INTEGRA is given a membership card which has the form and content prescribed by the general acts of the party. The member of INTEGRA is obliged to pay party membership fee, the amount of which is determined by the competent authority of the party.Article 11
The member of INTEGRA has the following rights within the party:
• Participate in the work of the party;
• Feel free to express your opinion;
• Make suggestions;
• Be informed about party activities;
• To elect and be elected in the party organs and authorities in the country;
• To vote on party referendums;
• Be elected as a member of the local self-government bodies;
• To exercise other rights prescribed by the general acts of the party.
Article 12
The members of INTEGRA have the following obligations:
• To respect the Statute and other general acts of the party;
• Not to damage the reputation of the party;
• To respect the decisions of the party;
• To vote for the election of members in party organs;
• To vote in any party referendum;
• Pay regular membership fees and contributions to the party.
Article 13
For breach of party obligations, a member of INTEGRA may be subject to a disciplinary procedure and may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the party’s acts and, subject to prior instructions, appropriate procedure and consent of the Ethics Council.Article 14
Integration membership may terminate with:
• Request for Termination of Integration;
• Exclusion from membership, subject to the prior consent of the Ethics Council;
1. Congress (144 + 1 delegates)
– The Congress is convened every 4 years, except in exceptional circumstances as needed
2. Central Committee (72 + 1 members)
3. Presidency (24 + 12 members + 1)
4. President of INTEGRA
– The President is elected for a term of 4 (four) years, with the right to two re-election
5. Vice Presidents of INTEGRA – 3 (three)
– Vice-presidents are elected for a term of 4 (four) years, with the right to two re-elections (the same proportion applies to all party officials)
6. Ethical Council (7 members)
7. Strategic Council (24 members)
8. President of the Strategic Council
9. Secretary General
10. Organizational Secretary
11. International Secretary
12. Women’s organization
13. Youth Organization
14. Municipal and local committeesArticle 15a
The organs of the party have a mandate of 4 years, the decision-making process is by voting with a two-thirds model, unless otherwise regulated by the rules of the organs of the party.Article 16ETHICAL ADVICE

a) Within INTEGRA an ethical council is formed as an additional party body.
b) The Ethics Council shall develop a code of ethics for all party members and officials as well as all public officials nominated or elected by INTEGRA.
c) The composition, responsibilities and rules of functioning of the Ethical Council are defined in a separate Rulebook on Ethical Council.
d) The Code of Conduct referred to in paragraph “c” is an integral part of this Statute.


Article 17
INTEGRA is funded by:
• Voluntary contributions;
• Gifts;
• Leave;
• Membership fee;
• Budget revenues of the Republic and
• Other income

Article 18
INTEGRA may own property
The President of the INTEGRA estate manages the property
The Central Committee owns the property of INTEGRA

Article 19
Issues not regulated by this Statute may be regulated by the general acts of the organs of the party.
The general acts referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be adopted by the organs of the party.


Article 20
Within the party, the Institute INTEGRA – Institute for Virtue and Values ​​Policy exists and functions, and is an integral part / member of the party, and the mutual relations of legal functioning are regulated in accordance with the positive legal regulations in the Republic of Macedonia.

Article 21
The responsibilities of the INTEGRA Institute are:

– preparation of analyzes and reports;
– conducting surveys for party purposes;
– conducting public opinion polls;

– advisory participation in the preparation of program documents and decisions;
– organization of conferences, seminars, presentations, party promotions and training academies;
– realizes international cooperation and lobbies for membership in international ideological related organizations, alliances and forums and provides attendance at international events, conferences and visits and cooperation with related political parties in the region and beyond;
– organizing marketing campaigns, forums, meetings with citizens;
– Assists in other administrative and technical matters according to the needs of the party authorities.

Article 22
In the event of termination of the INTEGRA operation, the Presidency shall decide on the transfer and disposal of the INTEGRA property.
In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, the Presidency shall designate persons to carry out the party’s termination procedure.

Transitional and final provisions

Article 23
The President of the Party – Dr. Ljupco Ristovski with Address of Residence: Jablanica 101 A – EMBG 0206966450042 is authorized to register the party in a court register.

Article 24
Party organs will be constituted within 6 months of the party’s registration, except for the Presidency which commences immediately after the party’s judicial registration.