Press Release on Presidential Elections

Regarding the forthcoming presidential elections INTEGRA – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY considers that the proposed candidates are not the right choice for the Macedonian people and the citizens of Macedonia, since they are not the real representatives of the citizens, but only the party candidates who are not represented in the opinion polls. citizens in the country. We believe that none of the candidates deserves the trust of the citizens and promises a future for prosperity and development, does not advocate a society governed by law and justice, does not focus on the attention of the citizens and their needs, but lacks capacity and authority to guarantee the preservation of Macedonian integrity and identity. Hence, none of the proposed candidates has the strength or confidence of the public to restore hope to the Macedonian nation and even less to end the general state of profound disappointment and prospect that destroys the nation’s spirit. Because of all this, INTEGRA expresses its position on the lack of elections, sending a clear message to the Macedonian public, its supporters and supporters that the people cannot and should not support the proposed candidates, who do not feel like their true supporters. extremely important position they are running for, President of the State. Failure to comply with legal censorship in the second round will mean the introduction of early parliamentary elections and a new outline of a political map that will no longer dominate the fatal black and white political picture of the nation. The period leading up to the new presidential and early parliamentary elections poses no danger to the state, since the position of Acting President by the Speaker of the Assembly does not allow for political action and political decision-making, but only basic and temporary technical formalities. Any attempt by either side to make a different move will be subject to criminal prosecution by the new Macedonian government. INTEGRATION – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY