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Statement on the Statements of the US Ambassador to Macedonia on the Prespa Agreement

INTEGRATION – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY, followed the statement of N. with special attention. E. The US Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia Kate Mary Burns, especially the part that refers to the Prespa Agreement.

Kate Mary Burns is an ambassador for our strategic partner, the United States. She comes from a country where freedom, respect for human rights and democracy are the pillars on which America is built, and it is the Prespa Accord that is contrary to the fundamental principles of American society.

INTEGRA reminds that the Prespa Agreement was adopted on the basis of lies, by characters in Macedonian politics who swore otherwise in the pre-election period; was adopted against the will of the majority of citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, as explicitly stated by the failed referendum; signed by political figures who, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, do not have such authority; It was passed by a scandalous vote in the Parliament, with corrupt bargaining with opposition MPs who were under prosecution, which as a fact was acknowledged by the current Minister of Justice.

It is for these reasons that the Prespa Agreement of the Macedonian Nation has been imposed and contrary to the principles of freedom, human rights and democracy, something that Macedonian citizens know well, but also our friends in the United States and the European Union.

Despite the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague on who violates the interim agreement between Macedonia and Greece, except for national humiliation and concessions on all lines by the Republic of Macedonia, and none by Greece, to date we have not seen any benefit from the Prespa contract. INTEGRA also reminds that according to Article 7.2 of that shameful agreement, Greece and Macedonia are given to Greece as part of the Hellenic civilization, history, culture and heritage, from now on back in history to ancient times, which in historical context means betrayal. of the state and the nation.

Greece in its own history until 1989 has no example to use Macedonia and Macedonian as its cultural heritage in all spheres of life.

If someone is looking for “deplorables”, he can find them in the current political elite in our country, but he will not find them in the Macedonians, as they are not in the United States.

INTEGRATION – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY wants the Republic of Macedonia to be built in a successful country on the principles of the rule of law, freedom, human rights, democracy, on the same principles on which the United States and other advanced countries are built.

That’s why we want to see how N. E. Ambassador Kate Mary Burns promotes and supports exactly such social principles and values, and not contrary to them, as is the case with the Prespa Agreement, which annuls the right of the Macedonian people to self-determination.



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