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 “If I was given an hour a day to save the world, I would devote 55 minutes to defining the problem, and 5 minutes to finding a solution.”

One of the most crucial issues we face today, as Macedonians, is the issue of substantially detecting the source of all the problems we face as a nation and state, not only in a historical context, but especially in the past 29 years of independence as a sovereign state. of the Macedonian people. As long as we as a nation do not look the truth in the eye and face its cruelty, no matter how much it hurts, we will not have the strength to face the challenge of finding the right solutions, which could not only bring us back to normal, as a prosperous nation and state, but we would also have the potential to restore the glory of Macedonia and the Macedonians from ancient times.

The Macedonian people have never stopped dreaming, but they have never stopped the urge in our hearts for freedom, progress and prosperity of the homeland, for a dignified life, for their own in their own homeland.

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed in history, it’s the curse of divisions and divisions, the curse of sowing discord among brothers, which is one of the Lord’s seven most hated things, according to the Bible. Ever since the time of King Samuel and the legendary battle with his cousin Basil the Macedonian, the saying “brother of the brother’s eyes comes out” is known all over the world. The question that we, modern Macedonians, have to answer today, now, immediately, without a moment’s delay, is: Until when? Until when sowing discord among brothers? How long will we provoke a sense of hatred in our God, Lord, and Savior Christ, by our actions toward one another? Until when?
Every moment of delaying the solution will mean more vampirism of all extremists at home and in the neighborhood and beyond, will mean further weakening of the Macedonian timeless idea and will mean getting the stigma that we, today’s modern Macedonians are the weakest generation of Macedonians in the history of modern Macedonia. a generation that we have allowed, in conditions of freedom, to lose our homeland and disappear infamously from the world map of nations. At these premieres, INTEGRA – Macedonian Conservative Party has prepared the 2020 election platform: “New Macedonian Renaissance”, on the threshold of the third decade of the 21st century. The Republic of Macedonia is in the most sensitive period of its existence as an independent and sovereign state, facing serious challenges in terms of its survival and the prospects of its existence as a state of the Macedonian people and other ethnic communities and minority groups. For a long time now, extremism inside and outside has been exerting strong pressure on the Macedonian people’s identity corps, with the ultimate goal of erasing the Macedonian political sovereignty, the political sovereignty of the Macedonian nation over Macedonia, the basic identity determinant – the Macedonian language and the package. of identity determinants – Macedonian history1, culture and spirituality. At the same time, the extremist pressure aims to break the continuity of the centuries-old struggle of the Macedonian people for national freedom and their state, which struggle is crowned in the name and at the expense of the state of the Republic of Macedonia.

1 Wisdom says … show me your history and I will prophesy your future

INTEGRATION – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY boldly, bravely and with love for its people and homeland, stands the stake of the defender of the protection of these timeless national interests of the Macedonian people. For this timeless autochthonous and original Macedonian political vision, we ask for partnership and trust from the Macedonian people, as well as from all loyal citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, who consider it their homeland and who have understanding and respect for this injustice towards us Macedonians. ….



On the threshold of the third decade of the 21st century, the Republic of Macedonia is facing serious setbacks in almost all spheres of social life. The dignity of the common man, the nation as a whole and the homeland of Macedonia is reduced to the lowest possible limits in the history of independent and autonomous Macedonia. The smell of high treason spreads like an unbearable stench, from which the mind of every well-meaning Macedonian is clouded.
In almost all thirty years of independence and independence of the homeland, the authorities are struggling and suffocating in their nonsense, unable to offer a certain perspective to the nation and the state. Thirty years is the third century. A third of our lives seem to evaporate in the air, as if in a dream … torment, suffering, insomnia, insignificance, bowed heads around us, sad characters, lost hope … every step around us.
SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, like twin sisters, are in love with evil and share it with each other as if with their faithful and loyal partner. And as usual – evil begets evil. Those two parties have multiplied the evil in Macedonia to unprecedented proportions. There is no period in which my Macedonian people have had peace and tranquility as befits a stable and dignified nation. How many times have we concluded that we have reached the bottom, and then we have repented of our optimism, hoping that the bottom is here. But that was not the case.
INTEGRATION – MACEDONIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY is a product of the nation’s cry for the essential need for a radical turn in every sphere of social life. The cry of the nation for the need for complete metanoia of the mind of the nation, turning 180% of the focus to evil, the focus to goodness, mercy and Christ’s agape sacrificed love for him to us, turning from evil to good. Let us direct our eyes to the higher perspective, so that in the big picture we can enter all the vulnerable categories of citizens, but also every human soul that is born, steps and creates on this piece of holy Macedonian land, and is in any way played or disappointed. by the state and its services.



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